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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Virginia Union University Presentation

 “ As early as 1929, Alfred North Whitehead argued that “the way students learn many things in school produces inert knowledge - knowledge that can be used to answer items on a school test but which is not available to the student when he or she is trying to solve a problem that requires that knowledge.”

“The days of rote memorization education are gone. Interdisciplinary constructivism is the key to learning in the 21st century. With the rapid developments in technology and availability, there is a need for a generation of people who can analysis, reason, and synthesizes information in this age of technological growth. The use of technology as an interdisciplinary tool in education cultivates constructivist learning. This type of education is key to the growth of our nation.” gdbrogdon

The WebQuest is a learning tool that guides students through the steps of inquiry based learning.

                         Gloria D. Brogdon ePortfolio

Hip Hop Culture Research  http://zunal.com/tasks.php?w=29380 

Project Based Learning http://pbl-online.org/


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One God, One Cross, One Man

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Black Seminoles

Ridley Motorcycle

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Teddy Bear Rally

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Web 2.0 Applications in education

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Hip Hop Critical Thinking

Conversations on Hip Hop                                                                                          

  Hip-Hop vs. America – Critical Thinking Lesson for High School

Depiction of African American Women in Hip Hop

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Massive Resistance In Virginia (Cyber Hunt)

African American Artist Research

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